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Maritime Pages provides our clients with the widest range of services available in the marine market. The publication is designed to supply companies with an overview of the market in a very exclusive way covering oil and gas, ship owners and ship builders, yachts, marine and offshore services and industrial fields but also engines and marine equipment. Every issue contains the latest announcements and advertising to keep the directory relevant. With our extended offshore reach and constantly growing, engaged readership database, Maritime Pages can offer a range of powerful advertising platforms.

Introduction is the first B2B platform which specializes and focuses in worldwide marine and offshore services.

The Website assists our clients in ship charter, sale and purchase of vessels, various marine equipment and providing them with a wide range of services where they can deal with all types of marine and industrial engines, generators, spare parts, etc. Through, our clients also sell and buy all types of cranes. In addition, the Website provides our clients with the option of submitting their requirements for ship charters, various used marine equipment, engines and spare parts.

User Control Panel

On the Users profile page it is possible to place inquiries, items for sale, jobs wanted and much more all free of charge (view screenshot).

It also shows the transactions list of the payment history. As member, and User of the platform, Users additionally get access to information and contacts to business around the world for an exchange of enriched knowledge in the marine market through the directory.

Directory have the privilege to a large database of companies in the same field. Through our directory on the Website, companies can interact and share knowledge with one another. As a member, and User of the platform, companies get access to information and contacts to business around the world for an exchange of enriched understanding in the marine market (view screenshot).

The membership of the directory is either Free membership, Basic membership or Premium membership. The Free User is allowed to register in the Website without any charges and post contents and use the services with no access to other members contact details or any quotation pertaining to the content posted in the Website. In the Basic membership and the Premium membership, the Registered User is required to pay a yearly registration fee. In return for such registration fees the Registered User will be able to show contents, and further has full access to other members through the directory and Website services (view screenshot).

Jobs offers a unique service within permanent and temporary multilingual recruitment with focusing in the marine and offshore market, the experience from working abroad and the understanding of the marine market is essential to great success.

Our company’s extensive database is constantly growing and being updated which means that registered users can see the latest availability of skills and relevant experience automatically. can offer each of the client’s access to the leading talent they require for their organization. Our concept is to assist companies by providing qualified candidates that match their staffing requirements and at the same time be an attractive career choice for candidates.

Events And Exhibitions always have a vision to be updated in relevant events and exhibitions. Therefore, we have developed an event page on the Website to inform companies on various interesting events and exhibitions. We find it important to assist exhibitions and events in achieving the highest level of success but also help and ensure their increased marketing online. also offer companies media partnership through the Website. There is a lot of benefits of access through media partnership with the Website. Clients have the advantage to reach out to companies around the world. Collaboration as media partner will generate great success.

Sponsorship And Advertising

There are a number of sponsorship and advertising opportunities available in order to increase the marketing online. Investing in a sponsorship with will generate great success and a unique chance to participate in this project and take part in a wide range of benefits for your company. Here are some examples of benefits for your company to take advantage of: Company sponsor's Logo will be indicated visibly on the homepage of, also on the succeeding pages, including the weekly newsletter – where your logo will be placed on the footer's location (view screenshot).

By placing advertising with we ensure you the right target and successful marketing. You will experience the highest quality of distribution and highest possibilities to reach the companies and management which you target for your business. With our extended offshore reach and constantly growing, engaged readership database, offer a range of powerful advertising platforms world wide. Advertising with the Website will also significantly increase your company's visibility online. This means that placing your advertising on the platform will generate greater visibility and a more lucrative return on investment.

There are a number of advertising opportunities within the site, as detailed below.